Month: <span>August 2020</span>

Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance

It has been quite a winter here in Michigan, but now it’s time to start thinking about spring.  Before we know it, the grass will be growing and we will need to start mowing! There are a few common services that need to be performed to get a lawn mower ready for spring. Some people […]

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Basic Tips for Portable Generators

  Generators are useful tools. If your electricity goes out, generators can provide power to your household, keeping the food cold, the house warm, the water running, the lights on, and the basement dry. However, since portable generators are seldom used, sometimes even less than once a year, and usually only during unpredictable or emergency […]

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Basic Tips for Maintaining Your Snowblower

  It’s wintertime in Michigan, and we all know what that means! Though Michigan weather is known for being unpredictable, we always get some snow. Often, we get lots of snow. Keeping our driveways and sidewalks clear can be hard work. Luckily, snowblowers make that job quicker and easier on our backs! However, just like […]

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